a modern union of food, juice, and life

this menu is available throughout the day

 signature juices & drinks

      anar: red beets, orange, pomegranate molasses● $7

      red: roma tomato, bell pepper, cantaloupe, ginger, aleppo● $7

      green: lacinato kale, romaine, celery, fuji apple, lemon, parsley● $7

      refresh: carrot, ginger, orange, coconut water, orange blossom ● $7

      yellow no. 5:  pineapple, sweet pepper, lemon, rose water ● $7

blend-in more goodness: yogurt $2

     turkish iced coffee: cardamom coffee, date molasses, hemp milk● $5 (ask for the frozen one!)

       mystic kombucha: apricot orange blossom brew from our mystic friends    ● $5

       tea blends: hibiscus, persian black, or mint green tea ● $3


       natural yogurt + anar granola(s)  ●   $6  

      anar’s seasonal fruit salad  ●   $4

      turkish iced coffee: coffee, cardamom, date molasses, hemp milk ●  $5

        lunch salads

      kale avocado salad: lacinato kale ribbons, avocado, nutritional yeast vinaigrette  ● $8

      quinoa2: steamed & crunchy za’atar quinoa, arugula, avocado, beets, tahini, pom cider vinaigrette, mamnoon GF crackers  ●   $8

      cracked freekeh tabbouleh: anar’s tabbouleh twist: supergrain and parsley, shaved fennel, apple, radish, celeriac,lemon-olive oil dressing ●  $9

      anar mezze: carrot bi tahini, muhammara & green herb hummus, arugula, turnip pickle brine, mamnoon GF crackers ●  $9


  lunch warm bowls

      balila: heartwarming chickpea stew●   $5

      fatteh: traditional syrian garlic yogurt with vegetables●  $8

      mujadara: green lentils and brown rice, pickled turnips, ellenos yogurt●  $9